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JULY 2024 SPECIAL - Save £350

For July 2024 only – book your EMS incontinence treatment sessions and receive a stomach body sculpting session completely FREE.

Worth £350 – our Body Sculpting will help build your core muscle strength to increase your incontinence treatment results.

(Only available if 4+ sessions booked)

Ems Incontinence Treatment Incontinence Treatment Scotland Advantages:

Prices - For Individuals

One Treatment – £340
Four Treatments – Just £1,000
Six Treatments – Just £1,250
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Eight Treatments – Just £1,450
Ten Treatments – Just £1,700
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Ems Incontinence Treatment Results For Women
It is well known that women are more likely than men to experience urinary incontinence as they get older or have children. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, it makes it difficult to control one's bladder. Each session, BTL Ems Incontinence's thousands of supramaximal firms promote the mass of the pelvic floor muscles. The bladder and the pelvic floor muscles recover quickly after stimulation.
Incredible Results For Men
Infections, prostate cancer cells, or anxiety can cause urinary incontinence and/or damage to intimate health. Bladder control is affected as a result of weak Pelvic floor muscles. Ems Incontinence uses hundreds of supramaximal tightenings per session to train the pelvic floor muscles. Boosting the bladder and pelvic floor muscles may make a person more satisfied in their intimate relationships.