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Advantages of Cryopen Treatment:

Viral Verrucae Removal Scotland

Do You Have A Stubborn Verrucae?

Do you have viral verrucae and want to eliminate it immediately as it affects your self-esteem? Look no further, we offer viral verrucae removal service using the best, effective, and safest method. We are experts in various kinds of skin conditions. Viral Verrucae are warts and usually do not cause symptoms. Some warts will typically resolve themselves within months.

How We Can Help!

But, sometimes in mature people, it might take many years to resolve. Keep in mind they are caused by a virus that can extend to other parts of the body and other people as well. It’s vital to cover your Viral Verrucae to lessen the spread before treatment. It’s best to keep from catching the virus by taking the usual safety measures, like direct contact as an example use slippers in public showers.
How Is Viral Verrucae Acquired?

The Viral Verrucae are due to HPV or human papillomavirus and can develop on any parts of your body, but commonly on feet and hands. While Viral Verrucae are harmless, you may need to treat them if they cause pain, keep on growing, or already affect your confidence.

For normal verrucae treatment you might find that topical treatments and traditional treatments don’t work even after multiple treatments with Cryopen as opposed to laser treatment you will only need one treatment for a verruca treatment. Sometimes for larger verruca removal you may need further treatment.

With cryopen there is no need for local anaesthetic, wart removal other verrucae treatments with cryopen mean that only the affected skin cells will die as the treatment reduces blood supply to the verrucae. There is no downtime and the infected tissue will heal over time.

We provide cryotherapy for Viral Verrucae removal and plantar warts. Cryotherapy means Nitrogen is used to the verrucae. It is icy and affects by means of freezing the area affected by warts.

A viral infection or human papilloma virus can cause verrucae to form. A wart virus can affect your immune system. 

For younger patients cryopen are great at giving a swift treatment with no pain in removing wart or verruca. The initial consultation will help us create a treatment plan. 

Cryotherapy means “treatment with the use of low temperature.” This refers to the process of curing of skin lesions through freezing using liquid nitrogen. It is also used to treat benign skin lesions such as skin tags, warts, and other skin condition.

Cryotherapy needs special equipment like CryoPen. The FDA and CE certify this equipment. This is a fast, effective, harmless, and new solution for the removal of Viral Verrucae. Procedures usually last from five to twenty-five seconds so that you can be in and out of our salon quickly.

There’s research on when to make use of cryotherapy, for conditions like viral verruca’s and we have drafted a rule based on this.

This treatment is 100% safe. You may feel mild discomfort due to the application of the freezing element to your skin. This treatment can safely be applied to children as well. A lot of our patients are happy with their permanent end results.

If you want to know if cryotherapy is ideal for you, do not hesitate to call and schedule a consultation. Our customer hotline number is always open for your queries. Bring back your confidence, call us now for a reliable viral verrucae removal.